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Application    HDPE Pipes in Power Plants

HDPE Pipe in Power plant

The use of HDPE pipes in power plants

Polyethylene Pipes in power plants ,nuclear power plants,wind power plants and solar power plants

HDPE pipes of Pars Ethylene Kish ,is the best choice for all types of piping systems for energy industry and power plant. The most sensitive part of power plants, is the cooling systems of water pipes .If the cooling systems engaged with any trouble ,It is possible  the entire plant fails .High Density Polyethylene Pipes (HDPE) is considered as an ideal for power plants and nuclear power plants. HDPE has a high abrasion resistance .In fact laboratory tests prove that high density polyethylene pipe (HDPE) can stand out 3 to 5 times more than normal and high quality steel pipes.

on 21 July 2009 - the institute of energy of the us nuclear recognized the use of HDPE  Pipes in power plants . this move toward the use of single-walled polyethylene pipes should be known as a sign for other departments to join to this move.

HDPE Pipe in Power plant

Application Of Polyethylene pipe in nuclear power

Corrosion in cast iron pipes used in piping system of nuclear power plants due to the lifetime they quickly change to a high safety and sumptuary concern in subtitling operation. no need to mention that there should be a foresight for nuclear facilities that are under construction and retrofitting old structures that would ensure the security of future generation.

HDPE Pipe in Power plant

Application of Polyethylene pipe in power plants

Thermal power plants normally consist of a variety of industries and parts. Disorder, or a glitch in the production of electricity and successive repairs and maintenance of them are major problems of these PowerStation .Thus the affairs of repair and maintenance at the power plants are considered as the causes of the exorbitant costs. polyethylene pipes PARS ETHYLENE KISH , use to transfer hot and cold water on cooling tower of thermal power plants .The vital need for thermal power station is accessing to water supplies to meet their need to steam and cooling water . But access to water supplies alone is not enough. Meanwhile the quality of the fluids inside the pipes should not be wiped out , for example corrosion is the enemy of these power plants. Problems such as pressure changes , vacuum drop , drops in pipelines , cracks or gaps and repair and maintenance are considered as daily events in thermal power station . PE 100 pipes for solving problems in this category are ideal because compare to other pipes have features of superiority . PE 100 polyethylene pipes are the best for extinction of fire , cooling and hygienic water of thermal power plants .
When these pipes used for cooling , they have another excellent advantages , because it will not allow microorganism accumulated in the inner wall of the tube.
Here can mention side advantages such as simple installation and transportation . one of the Advantages of PE pipes with the application of cooling is that the internal diameter of the pipes remains constant for decades , it would ensure the passage of flow rate within the tube constant.
Mentioned polyethylene pipes are not needed for frequent whishing , therefore have the least maintenance cost . Also HDPE pipe is not influenced by the shape of earth and the movements of the ground.
HDPE Pipe in Power plant

Advantages of PE at solar power plants

The use of solar energy did not exist until 25 years ago but since then it has become a huge industry in the world . After passage of time , by increasing daily improvements of technology and solar system facilities it expanded all over the world and being used as clean energy .Solar heating systems according to their type and location have different sizes .the simplest of them is only a black pipe that is exposed to the sun and taken to a pump of pool water filtration .The more advanced systems of collector are made of one - two or three layers of glass skylights along with pipes and pumps .On the other hand the advanced system have heat transfer , heat preservation tanks , heat exchanges and controller of temperature and pressure .Plumbing by the use of polyethylene pipes can play an important role in above application.

The benefits of functional pipe in solar heating system

Flexibility ,related properties to high temperature, and resistance against changes resulted by freezing and corrosion are important advantages of PE pipes useful for solar energy system.  

Application of HDPE pipes at wind power Plants

Wind power plants typically consist of several parts and industries .Transmission system derived from the wind is done by completely covered cables .And the wind power plants environment should be completely drained by modern systems in order not to damage the base system of rafts in long-term.
Considering the advantages and application of HDPE PIPES in cable covering and its running in the drained system , make HDPE PIPES application in these industries growth tremendously and has changed it the first choice for power plants contractors and anchors for years.

HDPE Pipe in power plant

Application of HDPE Pipes in fire-fighting systems of Power Plants

Fire-fighting tube is the most important and the most consumer devices in fire-fighting systems , and is one of the most important unites in the industrial facilities such as the power plants of water fire-fighting unit .PARS ETYLENE KISH with the supply PE pipes and its connectors for fire-fighting system of power plants - petro chemical and building has become the best choice for contractors and anchors of fire extinguisher systems .
HDPE Pipe of PARS ETYLENE KISH due to suitable features such as lacking of microbial corrosion , and excellent resistance against earthquakes and the potential drift of land, to be elected for installation in the soil .these pipes also must withstand water pressure     
That HDPE Pipes do it with a tolerance of work pressure from 4 to 25 times.
PARS ETHYLENE KISH with valuable experience in the supply of PE pipes and connectors in the projects of fire power plants , petrochemical plants , and refineries can be considered as a supplier of pipes and connectors. In this regard , as a strong advisor, the company offers technical advice to all connectors and employers.


HDPE Pipe in power plant

HDPE Pipe in power plant

HDPE Pipe in power plant

HDPE Pipe in Power Plant

HDPE Pipe in Power Plant

HDPE Pipe in Power Plant

HDPE Pipe in Power Plant


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