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The Reason for High Quality of Pars Ethylene Kish Products

Quality is the bottom line of Pars Ethylene Kish. This is not a simple slogan and Pars Ethylene Kish has proved it in practice.
Pars Ethylene Kish has more than 20 years’ experience in the Polyethylene pipe and fittings industry and it is one of Qualitythe best and modern companies in this industry. Regarding the expansion and development of this company during years, it can be found that it has taken successful path and how much the customers are satisfied form products. High-quality products, modern production line equipment and providing services in the least possible time are features that made Pars Ethylene Kish Company as the top company in the Polyethylene pipe , PE fittings and PE Manholes industry in view of contractors and employers.
Quality in the Pars Ethylene Kish is only a symbol of what can be provided for the company but this quality is not only a beautiful slogan in Pars Ethylene Kish, but it is one of the fundamentals of this company.
Quality is embedded in all products and all works and relationships of contractors and employers of Pars Ethylene Kish

Some reasons for high quality of Pars Ethylene Kish Company

1- Efficent and quality-oriented managers;
2- Dynamic human resources;
3- Modern technology;
4- Using best quality raw material
5- Modern and equipped laboratory
6- Conformity to quality standards
7- Protection of environment
8- Conformity to all legal requirements
9- Engineering and sale strategy
10- After-sale services

Pars Ethylene Kish is known as one of the top producers of polyethylene pipes, fittings and manholes which produces and supplies its products with highest quality.
Pars Ethylene Kish products typically use PE pipein the civil and urban projects infrastructure. Therefore, managers and personnel of Pars ethylene Kish are aware that production and supply of high quality products leads to the development of the country and help the progress of the projects.
Quality is not by chance. Quality is the result of a process which should be implemented carefully in all production steps (direct and indirect). Strategic thinking of management, raw material, production lines, human labor, quality control, and laboratory and after-sale services, all should move in a coordinated and certain path by quality-oriented thinking in order to provide high quality to the customer.
Production of high-quality is one of the customer-orientation approaches that meets the satisfaction of end user unconsciously and finally, it leads to the conformity of rights of customers.

Quality-Oriented Managers

Top managers and quality-oriented managers of Pars Ethylene Kish Company believe that attention to the interests of end PE pipe Pars Ethylene Kishuser and production of international and high-quality standards is a national duty and for this purpose, quality control unit controls carefully raw materials and products of the company according to the standards and plays the role of customer's representative in Pars Ethylene Kish. This company, by guidelines and management of quality-oriented managers, has made the quality as the most salient feature of final Products of Pars Ethylene Kish Company.

Dynamic Human Resource

Success of Pars Ethylene Kish has been achieved by mercy of God, honesty and lack of fraud in the systems and by privilegedPE pipe competencies like creativity, innovation, courage of managers and dynamic human resources. Also we believe that this progress and dynamic is the results of endless attempts of these sympathetic and hard-working employees of Pars Ethylene Kish.
Pars Ethylene Kish Company considers expert human labor as the top goal of the company and since it believes that current and future success of the company depends on the valuable human resources, this company has hired expert and dynamic human labor in order to supply the products according to the performance of top companies in the world. One of the salient features of coworkers in Pars Ethylene Kish is team work spirit and team-orientation in all work groups. All Pars Ethylene Kish employees believe that fulfillment of goals of the company depends on the tear work and organizational work.

Production Technology

Pars Ethylene Kish Company is Production of polyethylene pipesalways believed in using new technologies of the world which has imported new polyethylene pipe, fittings and manholes from the advanced and high-tech countries. Managers of Pars Ethylene Kish Company provided new technologies by creativity, innovation and courage in implementation of them and consider this as an important principle.
Pars Ethylene Kish Company has fabricated its products by modern technologies including the new and advanced machineries of polyethylene pipe, fittings and manhole production line, made in Germany, from companies like Drossbach، Battenfeld Cincinnati Inoex ,Graewe ,Rothenberger and Italian companies like Technomatic and SICA and supply unique products in the market.

Raw Materials

Using suitable and high-quality productsRaw Material for production of perfect product is very important and necessary. High-quality polyethylene pipes and fitting produce by using Black raw material without any additives and by modern and updated machineries.
Consumed raw materials in Pars Ethylene Kish provide by world-class suppliers including Borouge and Basell.

The reason for selecting Borouge materials

Borouge is the pioneer company in innovation in the polymer and poly ethylene industry. Borouge Company cooperates with Abu-Dhabi National oil Company which is one of the largest oil and gas companies in the work and Borealis Company.  Pipe grade raw material are used for fabrication of special pipes for water gas and waste and also sewage and disposing chemicals of industrial projects, irrigation systems, internal piping and also, oil, gas and transportation systems. Borouge is a pioneer company in the production of plastic raw material. Borouge along with Borealis have more than 40-year experience in this field and Borouge piping team is a committed and strong group which has a new program for development of polyethylene pipes.
Research and development office of Borouge in abu-dhabi, by cooperation of Borealis, has provided infrastructure and sustainable solutions for the development of this industry in the world.

Modern and equipped laboratory (quality control)

Quality control laboratory of Pars Ethylene Kish Company has been established for presenting new services for testing Lab Pars Ethylene Kishpipes and polyethylene fittings according to the national and international standards. This laboratory, by dynamic activity and improving effectiveness of activities, continuous improvement and satisfaction of the customer, provides its services, according to the international standards. Quality control unit controls raw material, products and production process according to the standards and play the role of customer' representatives in the Pars Ethylene Kish Company.
Purpose of quality control laboratory is conducting tests related to the raw materials and polyethylene pipes for internal and external customers. Tools and equipment of this laboratory and implementation methods are provided from the famous brands in order to meet the requirements and national and international standards.

Coworker laboratory of Pars Ethylene Kish

It is worthy to mention that Pars Ethylene Kish Company is confirmed as the coworker laboratory by evaluation of standard general office and has achieved certificate of coworker laboratory. Competence of Pars Ethylene Kish Company is confirmed in the given certificate for the technical tests.

Conformity to quality standards

Major purpose of Pars Ethylene Kish Company is production of high-quality products which has helped expansion of target markets. In order to provide required ground for this purpose, and trust building, after passing various steps of quality test and continuous visits from production lines and machineries by competent authorities, we achieved standards and certificates, including:

-    National Iranian standard number 14427
-    17025 certificate
-    Certificate for the competence of coworker laboratory
-    ISO 9001 quality management certificate
-    ISO 14001 environmental management certificate
-    HSE hygiene, safety and environment requirements
-    Hygiene certificate for polyethylene drinking water
-    Technical certificate of road and city planning research center
-    FM approval certificate

Protection of Environment

Conformity to environment standards, obtaining green industry certificate and lowering pollution to the acceptable limit forISO 14001 environment by technical and engineering actions is a clear evidence that one of the values of Pars Ethylene Kish Company is producing environment-friendly products and this is seen clearly in the policy of company. Pars Ethylene Kish is obliged to observe all regulations in the ISO 14001 standard. All paragraphs in this standard are monitored regarding the policies of the company. Conformity to environmental standards as one of the major policies of the company has led that Pars Ethylene Kish Company achieve significant success in the world that receiving green industry certificate is one of these important achievements.
Pars Ethylene Kish believes that environment is the ground for life of all creatures. Its production is our religious, national and transnational duty. We remind global environment slogan that earth is not our heritage. It is a trust we should pass to our children.

Observing all legal requirements

Management and personnel of Pars Ethylene Kish have obliged themselves to provide required resources and facilities for achieving the goals and meeting the requirement of the standards and continuous improvement of activities and general management of this organization fulfills all his supports for meeting this policy and goals and careful and effective implementation of all legal requirements.
All personnel are obliged to familiarize themselves with standard regulations and requirements and observe all the principles. Pars Ethylene Kish try to have good financial performance such that it can do all its liability and commitment.

Engineering and sale strategy

Selling polyethylene pipe is a complex profession. In fact, one of the important and key goals of Pars Ethylene Kish for selling and marketing is customer-orientation and attention to customer satisfaction.
Finally, message of Pars Ethylene Kish is retaining the customer and it is somehow selling a relationship and in fact, thePolyethylene pipes only purpose is not selling the products, but it is focus on the relationship and consultation with customer which is important. Pars Ethylene Kish Company tries to ensure the customer and this relates the same management-marketing and its experts.
Duty of Pars Ethylene Kish is conformity of product with the need of the customer and then, persuades customer to but it. Pars Ethylene Kish and experienced sale force know that presence in the market is one of the required tactics for enjoying the orders. Therefore, effective customer findings required identification and conformity of customer needs with the products of the company during sale.

After-sale services

Pars Ethylene Kish Company do not consider sale as the end of its relationship with the customer and has considered after-sale services for protecting the rights of consumers as its priority and one of the features that makes the customer satisfied is after-sale services. In Pars Ethylene Kish, we combined innovation, modern technology and quality of products with customer support in order to provide excellent and reliable piping systems and products for you.

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The Reason for High Quality of Pars Ethylene Kish Products

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Pars Ethylene kish does not have any representative in iran ,The Company`s products are sold only through the central office 

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