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UPVC Drainage Pipe

UPVC Drainage Pipe

Pars Ethylene Kish Drainage Pipe

PVC drainage pipe is from other products of Pars Ethylene Kish Company. drainage pipe s are produced according to standard DIN 1187 Germany.

underground Drainage pipe

Due to the weather conditions of the country with the addition of certain materials, the strength of these pipes has increased compared to the atmospheric conditions of the country. The drainage pipes are produced as lattice and non-lattice abrasive coils, the length of the coils and the number of holes in each row can be changed according to the order.  The drainage pipes act as a conveyor and exhaust system of the system and are made in various types and in porous, corrugated, and simple grids. The UPVC drainage pipe is the most durable and most used type of drainage pipe. The pipes should be of sufficient strength and in the environmental and chemical conditions of the site, such as those in soil, water, corrosion and frost, to be durable. For the reasons mentioned above, UPVC pipes and polyethylene pipes are the best option for drainage pipes.

Application of drainage pipes (most important)

•    In agricultural lands for the extraction of excess water from irrigation or rainfall

•    In agricultural lands that have been salty or alkaline for various reasons.

•    around buildings, bridges, roads and ...

•    on sports grounds or recreational areas

Advantages of PVC drainage pipes compared to other types of pipes

•    Their long shelf life compared to cement or clay pipes

•    Lower weight and easy transportation

•    Easy and very fast pipe installation

•    Resistance to water and soil chemical salts

•    Flexibility

•    Uniform Input Pores

Due torigid  PVC, the probability of obstruction in the holes, as well as changes in the length and width of the holes in the drain pipes P. V. C is much rarer than other perforated polymer pipes. For this reason, PVC perforated pipes are the most consumable polymeric pipe in the drainage sector. Because of the Corrugated (congressional) of the Pars Ethylene Kish drain pipe, their ring bearing is much higher than the flat pipes. Deep drainage of underground waters involves drainage of intrusive water into the substructure and pavement layers, which have three main sources as follows.

1.    Atmospheric precipitation(rain water)

2.    Groundwater, including water level or free water surface

3.    The waters caused by the presence of active springs and leakage levels in the upstream, adjacent and underlying bodies of the road.

Specifications of PVC Drainage Pipes of Pars Ethylene Kish

PVC drain pipes are manufactured according to DIN 1187 standard.
The company prepares and manufactures PVC drainage grill tubes using PVC powdered materials and adds drainage stabilizers that are one of the most reputable companies that produce these additives. The PVC drain pipes of this company are the only pipes manufactured in Iran that are fully compliant with DIN 1187 and have 6 holes in each row and their level of rinsing is not comparable to other pipes. Table 1 presents the specifications of the tubes as well as the specification of the holes in Table 2.
It is suggested that you read inspection chamber in drainage system article

Profile of drain pipes (number one)

Niminal size(mm) External diameter Tolerance of external diameter(mm) Min internal diameter(mm) Crow length
100 100 ±0.5 91 100m
125 125.5 +0.5
115 100m
160 159.5 +0.5
144 70m
200 199.5 +0.5
182 40m

Quality control

In order to fit the company's drainage pipes with the requirements specified in standard DIN 1187 Germany, the following tests are carried out on tubes:

1-    Impact Resistance Test

2-    Rigidity Test, Twin-Flattening

3-    Tork-vent Testing

4-    Tensile Testing with Bushing Couplings

5-    Dimensional Testing

6-    Marking Test

7-    Expression Testing of the

Profile of Drainage Holes (No. 2)

Description Pars Ethylene Kish drainage pipes
Pipe diameter 200 160 125 100
Number of holes on
each row around pipe
6 6 6 6
Number of row holes in each meter 61 84 86 86
Number of all holes in each meter 366 504 516 516
Hole dimension(mm) 1.3*8 1.3*5 1.3*5 1.3*5
Level of rinse per hole 10.4 6.5 6.5 6.5
Level of rinse per meter 3806 3276 3354 3354
draining PVC pipes

draining PVC pipes

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Pars Ethylene kish does not have any representative in iran ,The Company`s products are sold only through the central office 

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