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Application    Sewage Manhole

Polyethylene Manhole

Sewage Manhole

What is Manhole ?

Manhole, is a container used to connect and retrieve underground lines and installations. These lines and underground installations generally include sewage transfer network, cableway and other urban facilities. Installation and placement of manholes along the lines should be in accordance with the standards and regulations of the installations, which can properly serve their work. Manholes today are made of various materials, and the polyethylene manhole is one of the newest types of manholes.

What is sewage manhole?

Sewage manholes are the same manholes that are installed in sewage transfer lines and are used for access and drainage of sewage lines. Sewage sludge is now made of polyethylene materials, which benefits from these manholes. Concrete and brick manholes, however, are also used, which have lost their popularity in today's world and with the growth of other technology, and contractors and sewerage operators have turned to more use of polyethylene manholes.
Manhole connecting sewege lines (Pipe LInes) and plays an important role in directing fluids in the path and can not remove manhole from the sewage transfer system, and with significant advances in the production of materials, sewage manholes in the manner of construction and installation of significant improvements that can not be neglected. The most significant change in sewage manholes is the construction of polymer materials, especially polyethylene, due to the complete sealing of the network and the lack of penetration of sewage and groundwater and vice versa and are using in sewage projects reliably.
Pars Ethylene Kish Polyethylene Sewage Manhole with a wide range of applications in urban sewage and industrial wastewater systems, as well as with various applications in the oil, gas, petrochemical industries, power plants and urban transmission lines, has the following specifications:  

  • 1 - Low cost in the construction and commissioning of Pars Ethylene Kish polyethylene sewage manhole compared to traditional sewage manhole
  • 2 - Very less time in the implementation of Pars Ethylene Kish polyethylene sewage manhole than traditional sewage manhole
  • 3 - Resistance to a list of different chemicals from the unique properties of Pars Ethylene Kish polyethylene manhole compared to traditional sewage manholes.
  • 4 - Pars Ethylene Kish polyethylene sewage manhole does not require heavy machinery for handling and handling.
  • 5 - Pars Ethylene Kish Polyethylene Sewage manhole can be durable in chemical or very humid environments.
  • 6 - Pars Ethylene Kish Polyethylene Sewage manhole is not required to be repaired, and if necessary, changes in size are made easily.
  • 7 - Pars Ethylene Kish Polyethylene Sewage Manhole can easily be installed in sewage pipelines and dramatically reduces the cost of major projects.

Polyethylene Manhole
HDPE Manhole
Polyethylene Manhole
Polyethylene Manhole
Polyethylene Manhole
Polyethylene Manhole

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