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  road barrier

Jersey barrier

Jersey barrier or traffic barriers which connected together and prevented vehicles from being departed.

Road barrierrepresented in different colors and weights according to customer’s order.
Jersey barriers are produced with rotary method by parsethylene kish experienced engineers according to the order of Tehran wastewater organization to separate contractor’s working areas.
Meanwhile this polyethylene product could be a suitable substitute for scaffolding.

The barriers components which are available in 20/1 m (height) , 20/1cm (length) and 50 cm (width). ,could be used in the middle of the main streets ,beside the minor roads and in the U-turns in order to make them separate and secure.  

The advantages listed as follow

1. Durability and resistance to sunlight during operation
2. Reusability in case of failure which will decrease customer costs.
3. Safer than scaffolding and reducing crashes
4. Accident with low level of intensity and Lower executive price than scaffolding
5. Unique capabilities of lighting at night, Easy to install and colorfast.
6. connecting ability of pieces to each other to extending along the axial
7. Embarking behind the hollow Jersey barriers which increases stability and improves its structure.

road barrier

Nowadays with increasing the number of fatal accidents, representing effective solutions in  order to solve this problem sounds crucial.
Safety standards which are being neglected by drivers, employees and employers, have placed Iran as the first rank of the accidents rate.
Polyethylene traffic barriers are being designed to secure the roadsides or streets which are under construction.
By taking few precautions one can be protected against so many unforeseen accidents and this won’t be possible without spreading the culture of abiding the safety rules in society. 

road barrier

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Pars Ethylene kish does not have any representative in iran ,The Company`s products are sold only through the central office 

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