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Article & Data    corrugated pipes in drainage

Corrugated pipe

Use of double wall PE pipe for drainage system

Corrugated pipes in drainage

Polyethylene pipe, Polyethylene fittings and Polyethylene manhole have many applications in construction projects such as water transfer, sewage, irrigation and drainage networks, storm water collection, bridges construction. In the sewage, irrigation and drainage networks, double wall corrugated pipes and spirals pipe have the following advantages:

1- Economical

  • Due to the comparison of the cost of implementing the pipe and the concrete (including the acquisition, excavation, backfilling and installation of the pipe or the implementation of concrete), the implementation of double wall PE pipe ( corrugated and spiral pipes) in terms of investment is less and more economical.
  • In the utilization sector, considering the advantages below, the cost of using PE pipes is lower than concrete networks.
  • Lower costs for dredging or mowing (in open networks flood or sand storms or other factors, require dredging the channels, but in such pipes there is no such conditions)
  • Fewer evaporation in pipes relative to open channels (especially in summer and hot areas) will reduce water losses and, as a result, increase sales revenue.
  • The possibility of pipe damage by third parties is lower than open channels, resulting in lower repair and restoration costs.
  • The possibility of stealing water in pipes is less than open channels, and as a result, the cost of control of the route and the legal relationship with individuals and other cases is reduced.
  • In double wall pipe systems, there is the possibility of installing taps and meters - controlling the input, output and consumption.
  • In exploiting pipes as an irrigation network, the likelihood of the death of third parties and animals and / or the destruction of vehicles (due to falling into water) is low compared to open channels, and this greatly reduces legal and damage hardship.

Corrugated pipe

2- Technical comparison of double wall PE pipes with open concrete channels

  • Because HDPE pipes are manufactured in an industrial environment, there is a possibility to control the quality by the resident inspector, and after the technical approval by the inspector, the pipes are loaded for use. However, the quality control of concrete in the desert with different weather conditions and the assurance of exact compliance with standards is very difficult.
  • Double wall corrugated pipes and Polyethylene spiral pipes can be installed in any soil condition (sulfated, ...) due to the properties of polyethylene (resistance to corrosion by acids and alkalis and salts). However, in the case of open channels (due to the breadth of the networks and the impossibility of testing the soil in all areas) there is a possibility of destruction (especially in the long run).
  • The coefficient of roughness of double-wall polyethylene pipes is much less than concrete channels and the same volume of water can be transported by a small section.
  • Double wall PE pipes (corrugated pipes and spiral pipe) can withstand extreme cold or heat and, in comparison to open concrete channels, are less likely damaged are degraded in bad air conditions.
  • Double wall PE pipes (corrugated pipes and spiral pipes), in comparison with open concrete channels, can reduce the number of shots and excavations in irrigation networks (which reduces costs)
  • Easy installation of pipes and execution of projects in any air condition, in comparison with open concrete channels, speeds up the operation and does not delay the operations.
  • It is possible to install the junctions, taps and the meters in any number (in comparison to concrete channels).
  • Limitation on cement supply, which in most cases causes delays in projects, does not exist with PE pipes (there is no problem with the supply of Polyethylene raw materials in Iran, and the annual petrochemical companies export exceeds tens of thousand tons).
  • Due to the reduction in the use of cement and reinforcement and mold in the execution of irrigation projects with PE pipe, contractors do not need to equip more workshops and the contractor and employer’s costs is reduced.
  • The variety of connections in Polyethylene pipes reduces the cost of the designs.
  • The possibility to use these pipes in flooding routes (as bridges), will reduce costs and increase the speed of operation.

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Corrugated pipe

Corrugated pipe
Corrugated pipe

polyethylene pipe



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