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Pipe definition

What is pipe ? Each hollow cylinder can be called a pipe, but any hollow cylinder is pipe? Theoretically, following definition can be used for pipe: pipe is a hollow cylindrical pipe which is used for transfer or store of liquids, gases, and fluid substances. Pipe has been one of the best and most important inventions of humans, which has developed throughout history. pipes can be made from various materials such as iron (cast iron, galvanized sheet metal), steel, polyethylene and all types of plastics, glass, concrete and cement, etc. (and many other materials).

Pipe industry never ceases, and it only turns into from one form to another form, and development of this strategic product will continue. Production of all kinds of pipes varies according to gender and applications. Polyethylene pipe and metal pipe, and after that, the PVC pipe, is most used. Pipes are available in a wide range of sizes. It's not unusual at all that we have pipe with size of 1.2 inch and 66 inch high.

Pipes apart from their gender and according to their application, are classified into two sanitary and non-sanitary pipes.

Sanitary pipe

Sanitary pipe is used for transfer of drinking water, liquids and fluids that are consumed by humans. Raw materials for production of pipes must be from specific material, and have approval from relevant organizations, And in Iran, the sanitary pipes should be approved by the Ministry of Health and Medical. In fact, these pipes are disinfected after installation and before use. But over time and after years of use, does not show any chemical reaction with fluid or water.

Non-sanitary pipe

Non-sanitary tubes are common pipes that used for transfer of sewage and chemical fluids, and these pipes should be selected according to the fluid until have longer life, because chemical and non-sanitary chemicals have often chemically and acidic material, that this materials causing of corrosion and chemical reactions, and this behavior reduces longevity and resistance of the materials. Therefore, it is recommended that before selecting of pipe material, carefully check application of the pipe. For example, metal and concrete pipes are used for sewage transfer, but these materials exhibit chemical reactions to the present chemicals in the sewage, and after a short time, are rotten and become unusable. Polyethylene pipe and PVC pipe for sewage transfer are most suitable option, this pipe will not react to the sewage, and will have a useful lifespan of 100 years. Polyethylene pipe is not suitable for transfer of petroleum products, such as gasoline and gasoline, and polyethylene pipe shows a chemical reaction to oil. This pipe, if passed through oil, incurred excessive fatigue and its life span is significantly reduced.


Pipe and development

Pipes have main arteries role for urban and rural communities. Best simile for these, are veins in the human body, which are located in all parts of the body and furthest points, and bring food to the cells. Pipes have exactly same role in our lives and our society, pipes bring life's primary requirements to our homes and buildings. There was no modern civilization without plumbing, today plumbing have usage in almost every aspect of our lives. Our drinking water is produced at throughout of plumbing and then it comes to us through a wide network of pipes. Also, sewage produced in buildings is flowing into another network of pipes, and transferred to the sewage treatment facilities, also in these facilities, pipes play a large role. Fuel that we use for transportation or heating, is processed and distributed using plumbing systems. Electricity, food, color, medications, paper, plastics, chemicals, and other material are obtained at throughout of plumbing system. Our security is also provided with help of Fire Protection Piping Systems in buildings.

pipes are one of the elements of sustainable development in modern societies. With an example we introduce importance of the pipe: During accident and earthquake, pipes in underground and in buildings as one of the most important elements of urban infrastructure, if damaged, water will leak out of the pipe, and the water is wasted, and sanitary water of inside the pipe gets infected. Gas pipeline will cause fierce explosions if injured, and worse of all, is sewage network that if it flows out of the sewage pipes, will cause severe pollution in the entire area. Now if the pipes are perfectly well and none of these events has happened to the pipes, process of rebuilding will be much quicker and easier, as well as survivors of the incident will have more comfort.





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Pars Ethylene kish does not have any representative in iran ,The Company`s products are sold only through the central office 

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