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small sewage treatment plant

Advantages of sewage treatment package of Pars Ethylene Kish

1. Easy and rapid installation

Required time for implementation of each package is 1 to 3 days and there is no need to crane for replacing it.

2. Low risk caused by package failure

Not using mechanical, electronic and metallic part in sewage treatment tanks is very clever. Because one of the important problems of sewage treatment packages is operation and operator condition and repairs, failure in this system rarely occurs. The only mechanical part of it is a compressor which is used for airlift and aeration. This compressor will be provided s spare part in required number for the project.

3. Sealed tanks

One of the main characteristics of these tanks is the impossibility of entering water into the sea or discharging sewage from tanks which is done by using sealing bands in the tanks’ structure and in the areas where ground water level is high, this is an important feature..

4. Energy step consumption

The only energy consumer of this system is aeration compressor that has low energy consumption. This system consumes 58kV/hr. power for treating 1m3 sewage. In comparison with other packages in Iran’s market, power consumption of Pars Ethylene Kish is less than %80..

5. Non-occupation of space on the ground level

Tanks of this system is designed such that they should buried under the ground and live load possibility is 5.3tone/m2 that by these characteristics, automobile can pass it and green space can be developed on it. This feature is very important for projects which have limitation in terms of land price or area. By transferring sewage installations from ground level to underground, there is no need to establish the wastewater treatment plant and protection of it. It is preferred to ground level wastewater treatment plants in terms of visual aesthetic and safety.

6. Easy transportation and possibility of displacement

Tanks of sewage treatment packages of Pars Ethylene Kish are produced from two-piece. These tanks have less volume than full tanks and regarding the low weight, they can be assembled in place without using crane and it can displaced during operation and used in new place.

7. Implementation in different climatic conditions

Because the tanks are buried, sewage will not freeze in the cold areas and in the hot areas, it prevents extreme evaporation of sewage and bad odor. It is worthy to mention that live microorganisms in the sewage are in 25 to 35 0C and highest efficiency obtains in this temperature.

8. Not needing sewage collection and transmission pipelines

In projects, by using Graf packages in decentralized and separated form, this system buries at the nearest distance from sewage exit from the building and there is no need to collecting sewage of all buildings and transferring it to the sewage treatment plant.

9. Compatibility with environment and resistance against corrosion

Buried tanks are fabricated from Duralen. This material has high resistance and hardness and it is also resistant against corrosion. It can be recycled easily.

10. Operation in low workload or shock of sudden increase in input size

These sewage treatment packages are designed such that if the amount of input sewage is higher than the capacity of system for any reason (breaking pipes, using fire extinguishing system). Input sewage automatically overflows and discharges and after returning to normal conditions, begins its normal activity. On the other hand, control systems of Pars ethylene Kish packages are designed such that it can be regulated for the time that sewage discharge stops (travel, vocation) and system automatically enters vocation mode. Also in the projects which several packages are installed separately, during reduction of sewage input size, one or several packages can be excluded from the line by reducing input discharge.

11. Not needing periodical changes

These packages do not need periodical repairs like painting the body (epoxy) and replacing depreciated parts.

12. Not needing operator

Sewage treatment operation in Pars ethylene Kish packages is done by smart control system and there is no need to operator.

13. Not needing raw sewage pump station

Because of using buried tanks, sewage enters gravimetrically in the tanks and there is no need to pumping raw sewage into the tanks.

14. Not needing skilled repair technician

One of the major goals in fabrication of sewage treatment packages is not using special and complex equipment in its structure in order to do repairs and operation easily and without needing special expertise.

15. Non-emission of sewage odor and pollution in the environment

By using specific sealing bands, these packages become completely sealed and regarding the buried nature of tanks and equipping system to a separate vent system, no odor emits in the environment.

16. System safety in terms of electrocution

One of the important risks which threats technical personnel during repairs and periodic inspection of sewage treatment packages is electrocution. Because no electrical part is used in the Pars Ethylene Kish packages, there is no risk of electrocution.

small sewage treatment plant

small sewage treatment plant

small sewage treatment plant

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Pars Ethylene kish does not have any representative in iran ,The Company`s products are sold only through the central office 

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