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Definition of Quality



The quality of a product or service is what the customer demands. If the quality of a product or service is very high in certain aspects, but the customer does not need it, it is only a cost that has been paid, but has not created added value.


In a new view of quality, it can be said that quality must occur from the moment the product enters the market. This definition seems incomprehensible at first glance, but a product can create added value when it meets the demands of customers. In production processes, quality is against dispersion. So, to achieve a high-quality process, the dispersion of the process should be reduced as much as possible. It should be noted that reducing dispersion is the second step toward improving a process. In the first step, it is necessary to control the process up to the average and ensure the production of products around the average. There are many models and theories to control a process and achieve a high-quality process, and for each of them, control tools have been created, by which the quality of the process can be monitored.

According to Deming's definition, quality is the degree of uniformity and sameness of the relevant product or service.

Joseph Juran believes that quality is the conformity of a product or service with its use; in other words, the user of the product or service must be able to satisfy his need or desire for that product or service.

According to Phillip Crosby, quality is "perfect work" or "zero failure". In his view, quality is free and improves by changing the thinking of top management. Crosby defined quality as the conformity of a product or service to predetermined requirements.

According to Feigenbaum, quality is the ability of a product to meet its intended purpose, produced at the lowest possible cost.

In philosophy and the theory of cognition, quality means the way something is. For example, quantitative, qualitative, or physical properties.
In economic fields: quality and desirability; the characteristics of a product and its supplier (not only in terms of quality but also from a quantitative point of view, price, etc.) that leads to the demand for the product and its sale.

In social and individual fields: Competence, worthiness, Merit – Merit and competence of a company, and its products to enter, survive and progress in the market.
The relative adjective of the word "quality" is called "qualitative" and its plural form is called "qualities". The term "quality and quantity" is also called "chando choond " in Persian.
Quality is opposite to quantity. The manner and nature of a phenomenon or object are called the quality of the object or phenomenon, and the content also includes quality.

Buy from companies that treat their employees, customers, and the environment with respect.


Definition of Quality:

This word has different meanings and can be defined and analyzed from different aspects.
Below are some definitions of quality from the customer's point of view:
Quality means providing a service or product to the user, which itself requires the quality of design, compliance, availability, and appropriateness of the service delivery location.


Quality has no meaning except what the customer wishes. In other words, a product is high-quality, when meets the demands and needs of the customer. Quality should be defined as product compliance with customer needs.
The International Organization for Standardization defines quality as the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service, which can meet customer needs.
According to the definition of the Singapore National Productivity Organization, quality is a of features and characteristics of a product or service, which meets the needs and satisfaction of the consumer.
Quality is a broad concept that all departments of the organization are committed to, and its purpose is to increase the efficiency of the entire so that it prevents the emergence of quality-disrupting factors, and its ultimate goal is to fully comply with the specifications required by the customer, with the least cost to the organization, which increases satisfaction.
Perceived quality is the customer's judgment about the overall superiority or advantage of an object. Perceived quality is a form of attitude related to satisfaction, but not the same as it, and is the result of comparing expectations with perceptions of performance.
Quality refers to those features and characteristics of the product or service that affect the ability to create satisfaction in the customer.

Definition of quality in the standard:

Quality is officially defined as: "All the aspects and characteristics of a product or service related to the ability of the product or service to meet specified or implied needs" (reference ISO8402:1994).
Some concepts should be clarified about the above definition:
1. The specified requirements are usually contained in a contract or plan, and are identifiable.
2. Implicit needs should be identified, because in most cases the buyer does not know what level of quality he needs, or can accept.
3. Requirements are defined or undefined, and often include aspects such as usability, reliability, maintainability, safety, cost, and environment.


Classifications of Quality Definition:

There are, in the definition of quality, different classifications which include:
Product-oriented: quality is described in the form of the utility of the goods or services.
Process-oriented: quality is defined as conformance to requirements.
Customer-oriented: the compliance degree of the provided services with the customers' expectations
Value-oriented: satisfying customer needs in terms of quality, price, and availability (cost for the producer, and price for the consumer)
Among the above categories, definitions of service quality are often in the customer-oriented category. In this way, achieving quality is not possible for companies, unless customer opinions are constantly measured. Then, the measurement results are compared with the existing situation, and the gaps should be filled according to the plan. Only then it can be claimed that the quality of service provision has been provided. But measuring customer satisfaction should not be done periodically, but in the service delivery process, starting from the sales stage and continuing until the post-sale service stage, and the related findings should be constantly fed back to the organization.

Buy from companies that treat their employees, customers, and the environment with respect.

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