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polyethylene fittings

Manufacturing of polyethylene fittings

Production machine and process of polyethylene fittings

Producing polyethylene fittings is a bit harder than producing polyethylene pipes and requires different welding equipment and machinery for manufacturing the polyethylene fittings and also the operators of the welding machines need to be trained and skilled in manufacturing of all kinds of polyethylene fittings.

The production of polyethylene fittings consists of a simple, time consuming but precise process. The polyethylene pipe which is produced before and is of high quality in and conformity with the required standards are selected and cut into required pieces using special saws and if any angles are required at the top of the pipes, they have to be created by the saws. Cutting different angles for polyethylene pipes has to be done with special and accurate saws, so that the angle on the sides would be consistent and accurate enough.

After cutting the polyethylene pipe, the manufacturing process gets to its critical point, the cropped pieces have to be put in special welding machines designated for polyethylene fitting type. Note that Polyethylene welding machine has to be compatible with the pipe diameter and the fitting type to be manufactured and also that the polyethylene pipe size and working pressure would not exceed the capacity of welding machine, dies and jaws of the machine.

The cropped pieces of polyethylene pipe are then put in the welding machine and it’s both ends are smoothed, uniformed and polished using the shaver and then cleaned of any oils and pollutants using an especial detergent liquid, the hot plane get between the pieces and applied to both ends with special pressure for a time determined by the standards (the pressure and pressure time is contingent upon the polyethylene pipe and fittings size and also the pipe diameter and any welding machine has its own welding guide and table). After the required time and when both ends of the pipe are heated enough, the hot plane is removed and immediately after that the pipe ends are put on each other and compressed for a determined time period with a lot of pressure so that the welding process gets completed. When the required time is passed and the pressure applied according to the welding guide, the pressure is removed from the fittings under production and now it is time for cooling, meanwhile the pressure has to be reduced and a time period has to pass which depends on the pressure and the size of fittings to be made.

The manufacturing method for fittings explained above has to be repeated for every angle and welding point. For example, a polyethylene elbow comprising 4 pieces has 3 welding points and hence the above steps are repeated 3 times.

Manufacturing process of polyethylene fittings is affected by three factors:

1. Quality of polyethylene pipe

The quality of the polyethylene pipes as the main material used for manufacturing the fittings is the most important factor, in order to have a proper and great product, you have to use great raw material and for fittings with high quality and reliability the polyethylene pipes need to be of high quality.

2. Polyethylene cutting equipment and welding machines

In order to produce polyethylene fittings, the welding machine and cutting instruments for polyethylene pipes have to be precise and accurate so that the pieces could be put together properly while welding and the human force has to be reduced as much as possible and hence the human error would decrease. The welding and production machines for polyethylene fittings must have memory slot into which the operation information and production method would be saved and examined if necessary.

The fitting production machines in the fitting manufacturer equipment of polyethylene fittings production factory of pars ethylene are all from the two brands WIDOS and Rothenberger of Germany both of which are of the most credible manufacturers of equipment for production of polyethylene fittings.

3. The skills of the operator and welder of polyethylene pipes and fittings

Production of polyethylene fittings via miter method has to be performed by human intervention and supervised by the operator, so the operator’s skills and experience is of high importance. The operator has to be fully acquainted with the machine and how to use it, observe the safety rules and be sufficiently aware of welding standard and polyethylene pipe and fittings welding instructions.

Producing polyethylene fittings via this method is very exhaustive and needs lots of time which is known as “mitering method”, in the literature and standards it is also known as “fabricated fittings”. This type of polyethylene fittings is the best of polyethylene fittings and has the highest quality in the welding spots and it is recommended that use mitering and custom fittings for industrial and high pressure applications.

It is recommended to read the welding instructions of polyethylene pipes and fittings carefully.

Equipment for production of polyethylene fittings

Tee Reducer

Tee Reducer

Production of polyethylene fittings

Production of polyethylene fittings

Production of Double wall Polyethylene Pipe

polyethylene triplet fittings

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Pars Ethylene kish does not have any representative in iran ,The Company`s products are sold only through the central office 

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