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polyethylene fittings

Application of polyethylene fittings

Application of polyethylene fittings are extensive , like polyethylene pipe. Polyethylene fittings are used in all applications of polyethylene pipes and all polyethylene pipelines. Use from polyethylene fittings depends more on the type of line and type of project, For example, flange fittings cannot be used in gas pipelines, or from electrofusion fittings cannot be used in water transmission lines, and use from them is wasting of financial resources.

Application of polyethylene fittings in polyethylene pipe lines is inevitable, and in choosing of model that has most performance for line, must be very careful. Polyethylene fittings are very sensitive to polyethylene lines, because most errors and bugs occur in sections where fittings are present. Fittings, if not selected correctly, or have poor quality, or welds between fittings and pipes according to the standard and instructions do not do well, whole project fails and is needed a huge cost for repair it. Each fitting is suitable for each special application. In the following, we will mention, specific uses of fittings. As much as possible, for Use from fittings as fittings, use from fittings made by pipe itself at the site of project or factory.

polyethylene fittings

Application of Electrofusion fittings

These fittings are mainly used for natural gas distribution and transmission lines, and have highest safety factor, and on the other hand, they have a higher cost than other types of fittings. In electrofusion fittings , heating method is compared with welding techniques of butt fusion, and power flow is used to generate heat. Due to its high immunity, this method is only type of fittings approved of IGS standard for gas transmission lines. Using this method, different polyethylene connections can be made, such as pipe-pipe, tube-knee, pipe-coupling (for example, in change in diameter of the pipeline), and so on.

Application of Maiteri fittings (welded fittings)

Welded fittings are best type of fittings and most popular type of polyethylene fittings. In fact, due to the quality and production process of this type of fittings for all projects and all polyethylene pipelines can be used, and from the smallest size to the largest size, it's possible to build and produce it. Polyethylene welded fittings include all polyethylene fittings that they are produced and connected to each other by boot fusion machine and electrofusion device. In welded fittings, all components are welded in the production process of polyethylene fittings with boot fusion machine.

polyethylene fittings

Application of injection fittings

Injection fittings are mainly used for water pipelines for agricultural applications, and in lines where pressure and size are not too high and line is not under high stress. Use of injection connections in sensitive lines such as firefighting lines is wrong, and these fittings may have problems due to their production process, which is not clear in appearance, and is not specified by dimensional tests. It is recommended that do not use injection fittings for sensitive and high pressure lines, and for irrigation projects in sizes below 90 mm, these types of fittings should be used. injection fittings also have advantages, very inclusive, and readily available at the opposite size, have a very high diversity, they are cheap, their production are very fast, and are lighter than other types of polyethylene fittings, and for this reason, installation of this fittings is very easy.

polyethylene fittings

Application of screw fittings

Application of screw fittings is entirely limited to irrigation systems, which are used in small and low pressure, and in agricultural distribution systems. These fittings are used for all types of soft polyethylene pipes with an external diameter of 20 to 125 mm. This type of fittings is widely used in water and agriculture distribution network, and is only recommended for this application (screw polyethylene fittings are used for watering and sprinkler irrigation systems and drip irrigation systems under pressure). Use of polyethylene screw fittings is done very fast and without require to polyethylene welding machine. Additionally, polyethylene screw fittings are easily interchangeable in case of damage.

polyethylene fittings

polyethylene fittings

polyethylene fittings

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