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Double wall polyethylene Corrugated Pipe production line

Corrugated Pipe production line equipment

The corrugated pipe production line includes a variety of equipment that should execute their tasks in best possible way and in line with other production line equipment. Pars Ethylene Kish corrugated pipe production line machinery are all manufactured by Drossbach Germany , and the production line machines and equipment (including sucker materials silo, gravimetric, extruder, corrugator machine, cooling vessel, saw and other production line Accessories) are entirely made in Germany and Italy, and are in perfect harmony with each other.
Pars Ethylene Kish Co. Duall-wall polyethylene Corrugated Pipe production line is one of the most modern and precise polyethylene Corrugated Pipe production equipment in the country, and quality and durability of its product (bi-wall Corrugated Pipe) can be classified in the category of the best products in the region and the world.
The corrugated tube production line is somehow similar to the one-wall polyethylene pipe production line, but the machine's differences are much higher and, as previously stated, the coordination of these equipment is of great importance and the coordinated and consistent operation of each of them individually or as part of a production line has great influence on final product quality.
Duall-wall polyethylene Corrugated Pipe production line of Pars Ethylene Kish Co. has an additional unit compared to other production lines of other factories whose task is to connect the protective tape on the coupling.
Note: the Duall-wall polyethylene Corrugated Pipe production line consist of two strong extruders at the same model, which one of them is responsible for producing the inner layer, and the other is responsible for the production of the outer layer, and the raw materials are separately inserted and the materials are also different. Also, the marker is embedded in the corrugator mold and the specifications are craved on the corrugated pipe during corrugating.
In order to produce Corrugated Pipes, at first the raw material are melted at high temperature in extruder at extrusion process. In this step, the temperature control is very important because in different temperatures product and polyethylene type will be different. The resulting polyethylene then passes through a chamber to form a tube. The process of creating loops in the outer surface of the tube (tubes corrugation), is carried out by vacuum and using rotating continuous molds. Temperature control and setting is also important in this step. Water nozzels are located at the end of corrugated pipe production line to cool the output product. The product quality control steps are carried out at the factory lab.

The equipment and machinery for production line of polyethylene pipes are as follows:

suction machine :

The suction machine is responsible for taking the raw material of poly ethylene in and getting them to the funnel and extruder machine entrance.

Gravimetric (exclusively in Pars Ethylene Kish):

The Gravimetric is installed on the entrance funnel of the extruder and is responsible for automatic controlling of weight and quantity of the raw material used in the production of polymer (polyethylene, Polypropylene, etc.) pipes while producing oxygen in the extrusion lines. This machine is responsible for controlling the quantity and dosage of the raw material and masterbatch. The gravimetric machine is not usually installed on the line of double wall corrugate pipes. Pars Ethylene Kish is the only company in Iran the production line of double wall pipes of which are equipped with gravimetric machines. It is noteworthy that the production line of corrugate pipes has to be equipped with two gravimetric devices since they have two extruders.


Extruder is the heart of the production line of polyethylene pipes in which the extruder machined are used for initial shaping of polymer pipes for the next operations and also for shaping of the final products.

Monitoring system

All machines include monitoring and operation control systems on them but there is this possibility that all of them would be controlled in harmony by the control system of the extruder.


Die (die head) is the conduit between the die head and extruder which raises the pressure behind the die (end of cylinder) compresses the melted materials and uniformly distributes them into the die head entrance to ensure stability and quality status of the product.


This part of the production line is responsible for producing and shaping the outer and indented layer of the pipes which comprises isomorph dies and chains.

Saw (cutting device)

Cutting the pipes into pieces with accurate measurement and smooth cutting edge is what the saw does. If only one the tip is to be considered while sawing, it would be that while sawing, the cutting blade has to in coordination with the exiting speed of the pipe, so that the line would not stop.

Rubbering machine (exclusively in Pars Ethylene Kish)

This part of the production line of double wall corrugate pipes of Pars Ethylene Kish installs a rubber on the couplers in order to enhance their resistance and it also removes the extra pipes from the inside of couplers.

Dock or tilting

Pipes roll over the dock table or tilting after the cutter and are transferred to the storage from this table.

Important points in double wall corrugate pipes factories

- The extruders in the production line of double wall polyethylene pipes shall be of credible and well known European brands.

- Brand and quality of all equipment in the production line shall be of credible and certified brands and each one shall have catalogue and valid documents for presentation.

- The production line shall be equipped with modern and automatic control systems while production which would reduce the occurrence of any fault down to zero while producing the pipes.

- The extruders and other instruments in the production line shall be newly produced.

- Make sure of the marking on the polyethylene pipes and of its conformity with the standards.

- Storing, maintenance and transportation shall be in accordance with the standards.

- The factories shall be located within well-known industrial complexes with unlimited access to the freeways of the country.

- The factory environment and workplace shall be in good order and free of excessive elements.

- The raw materials shall be kept in the shadow and away from moisture.

- The raw material shall be injected into the extruders via silos.

- The cooling system of polyethylene pipes shall be standard and up to date.

- Side systems of production line (pool, electricity, compressors, etc.)

- The system and procedure of controlling the dimension of polyethylene pipes during and after production of double wall corrugate poly ethylene pipes

- Quality control and laboratory unit

- The storage location of polyethylene pipes shall have a smooth surface.

- The conveying and loading method of polyethylene pipes shall be examined and in conformity with the instructions.

Equipment for production line of polyethylene pipes and connections

Production line of single wall polyethylene pipes

Functional Principles of Corrugator Technology

Loading machine of the raw material

Loading machine of the raw material

Loading machine of the raw material

Loading machine of the raw material

Loading machine of the raw material

Loading machine of the raw material

Loading machine of the raw material


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Pars Ethylene kish does not have any representative in iran ,The Company`s products are sold only through the central office 

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